Top 5: Ways To Get Over Him

“Forget him”, “He wasn’t good enough for you” or “You can do better than him,” are a few words of encouragement that you may get from your family and friends after a failed relationship. They make it sound so simple. It’s easier said than done.

A lonely lady

A lonely lady

You’ve probably had relationships in the past, that you knew were headed towards destruction, but you still stuck it out. You might even be getting out of one right now and you’re finding it difficult to move on.

 After investing so much time and energy in an individual, you just don’t want to let go so quickly. You constantly think about the guy who managed to steal your heart for that period of time and you wonder what you could have done to keep him.

His name rings like a bell in your mind daily and you keep questioning yourself about all the ‘what ifs’ that could have salvaged the relationship.

To all the ladies out there who are still struggling to get over their last relationship, this is for you. Keep on reading to find out Nikolai’s Top 5 Ways To Get Over Him.

1. Get back on the playing field

This is a tough one. It’s not easy to get back to the dating game after a failed relationship, but I can definitely say it helps to take your mind off your ex for a bit.

Meeting new people is always a plus. You get to experience different personalities, look out for qualities that you would like from your future partner and rule out what is no longer acceptable for your lifestyle.

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2. Accept your flaws

Ladies! Stop beating yourself up if your relationship doesn’t work out as planned. No one is perfect; we all make mistakes. You need to stop solely blaming yourself for things not working out. Poor communication, varying goals and mindsets are a few reasons why relationships don’t always work out. There are always ways to improve ourselves and stop bad habits, but it doesn’t mean that we should completely take the blame for an unsuccessful relationship.

3. Pick up a new hobby

Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you try new things that you possibly didn’t think you were capable of before. It might seem quite scary, but it’s a shift in the right direction. This will help keep you focused on developing a new skill and having some additional time for yourself. When you stay busy, you’re able to dust off irrelevant issues and worries from your mind.

4. Vent

Whoever said you shouldn’t vent is a liar! Venting helps. You’re able to release all the anger, pain and hurt you’ve been experiencing before and after your breakup. Talking to others helps to keep you sane and mentally opens doors to new beginnings. If you aren’t able to openly express yourself, you will internally harbor all your emotions in a negative manner and may not be able to ever get rid of your past.

Uptown happy black-wonman

Uptown happy black-woman

5. Admit that the relationship is over

Your relationship might not have worked out as planned, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your world. It might take some time, but when you’re able to assure yourself that you can evolve from your current state, you will be at peace. It takes two to tango. If it’s meant to be then he will come back, if not, you can finish the dance solo.

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