A man who has gotten really fed up with the obnoxious attitude his wife exhibits, has come out to make a serious complaint.
The man has told a really sorry tale of the problems he faces in his own home.
The man whose wife pays all his bills, is facing a dilemma because he can’t leave her as she is the one who brings out the money.
Below is how he put the story:
“I am a married man and have a problem with my wife of two years. This is tearing me apart.
“Many times, she comes home very late at night when she is drunk and reeking of cigarettes.
“She promised to change, but her insatiable appetite for alcohol and cigarettes has intensified. She is often too drunk to cook. Once she even slept outside.
“S*x is a rumor in our house, in fact, we last had s*x in May 2015.
“The last time the couple had s*x was in 2015 but the woman is pregnant, and it is undoubtedly with another man’s child. That one kills me.
“What I detest most is that annoying breath that escapes that thing she calls a mouth whenever she is intoxicated and insists on talking into my ear.
“I am unable to divorce her because she pays the bills as I am jobless.
“Please help. What do I do”
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