GUYS, do you wear socks during sex and talk dirty? It turns out you could be driving your partner into the arms of another man.

A new poll has shed light on why women look for love and passion outside their marriages, asserting that wearing socks and talking dirty during sex are two of the many reasons., a site that urges infidelity, surveyed 4000 women about their partner’s bad habits that turn them off. The findings showed that little things like stealing the sheets at night, and pleasuring himself over her were among the top reasons why women cheat.

According to the site: “Little things like stealing her covers, keeping his socks on while making love, or checking the dreadful smartphone,” are all ungentlemanly gestures that turn women off.

A lack of creativity between the sheets, skipping foreplay also using dirty talk also featured on the list.

“When you’re busy talking dirty, your partner often thinks your mind is more on that porn movie fantasy than on what is happening between you two in the moment.”

Also, checking the smartphone in the bed again and again, lack of foreplay and creativity between the sheets also featured in the results.

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