It’s ridiculous when most men out there claim being single when in fact they are not! Various sorts of lies come up when they are being asked about their relationship status.

Some always claim to have broken up a week before meeting the lady while others talk about their girlfriends with a silly wave of the hand like it’s nothing important. At the long run, things could become adventurous and dark secrets would be exposed. It’s simply weird!

Below are reasons why men lie about their relationship status:

Fading Passion

According to findings, most men lie about their relationship status because the passion and emotions they had for their girlfriends got faded. They feel the relationship doesn’t have the usual spark and excitement so they go in search of adventure.

Fear of Rejection

Most men worry that the new babe may turn them down upon knowing the truth. They therefore keep it to themselves and act single. They know most ladies wouldn’t date them when they know their relationship status except they have strong reasons to. Most ladies date with the hope of settling down. So why bother dating them when they have a stable relationship?


The ability to date different women at any point in time makes men lie about their relationship status. They sometimes get tired of their girlfriends and go hunting. They enjoy the thrill of dating different shapes and sizes of women.

Sexual Attraction

Men are moved by what they see first before getting moved by touch. They lust after women who aren’t their girlfriends for one reason or the other. They do everything they could to get most of these girls in their bed by any means. Lying comes naturally when it comes to this. Men feign seriousness by presenting themselves as eligible singles just to sleep with the girls and after that they dump them.

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To Protect The Ladies’ Feelings

Men often lie about their relationship status when they see that the attraction has dragged on for too long and the ladies are starting to get clingy. They see the dependency of the ladies and keep up the act of being single. Some men claim this is sometimes done in order to protect the ladies’ feelings. They sense that telling the truth may cause both parties to grief and shatter the romance building.

To Keep Option Open

Sometimes, some men aren’t sure about making their current girlfriends their life partners. They therefore keep hanging out and asking other girls out in order to weigh their options. They pretend and lie about being single. They justify their actions by saying the new girl could be the lucky one.

To Boost Friendship With Ladies

Many men out there claim to be single to boost their friendship with the ladies. They know girls would be more comfortable to hang around with them when they believe they are single. Some men simply enjoys being in the ladies’ company. The ladies in the other hand see them as potential suitors.

For The Fun of It

Lying to the ladies isn’t a big deal to most men. It’s a game to them. Their manliness is put to test with the number of territories they are able to conquer, it’s an ego thing.

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