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Why you should never pressure your boyfriend into marrying you – Relationship Expert


Most times, desperate women seeking to have rings on their fingers give excuses such as ‘they are getting old’ and ‘the biological clock ticking’ as reasons for pressuring their men into marriage.

According to relationship expert, Marie Dubuque, as a woman you could sit there and guilt trip him in different ways because he isn’t ready to pop the question. You may finally succeed when he proposes to you and eventually get married.

“What would you do if one year down the line, he wakes up and say it wasn’t his intention to marry you, and he only succumbed pressure?”, she asks.

“Do not pressure them and if they are resistant to marrying you then walk away, maybe it’s a sign you aren’t meant to be together.”

“It’s better to wait and find someone who is right for you. If there are reservations and hesitations, about getting married then don’t do it”, Dubuque says.

Watch Marie Dubuque talk about women pressuring men for marriage:

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