Please hide my identity, I need your help because I am at a crossroad. A reverend father whom i dated while he was a seminarian wants me to have a secret child for him. He actually managed to get my mum on his side. My father is late. The idea was i will relocate to Sapele where he will build a house for me to raise his kids there in secret.

He agreed to secretly marry me and pay my mum my full dowry with an aditional undisclosed sum with monthly salary for life on the condition that it remain a full secret between just me, My mum and then his parents. Even his siblings do not know of this.

He assured me that it would work and that he would be visiting often. He told me in confidence that a lot of priests even a very popular one at Agbor had an arrangement like that and nobody ever finds out if we play by the rules.

I had issues to being married to a ghost but I dont know what to do. Truth is that I like him as a person and having his children would be blissful but the sacrifice is much. No wedding, No friends for ever, No baby showers, No aso ebi, No hanging out with my husband in public.

I really am lost and My mum’s insistance is allowing me the sanity that I need to think.  Please I need Help

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