My story is a story from the heart. I was forced into marriage at the age of 15yrs to a man I never met and don’t love. I tried so hard to love him, so hard but you could never force love. We had nothing in common. I’m a lively, fun and exciting human being. I never knew a woman can have orgasm till I started cheating on my hubby. I was frustrated,  depressed, angry with my life. After I had my 1st baby, I ran away but my dad brought me back. Same goes when I had my 2nd child. I wanted to kill my self because I was so unhappy. 
I started having an affair, from different man to another, partying and having fun. Living my teenage life that I was deprived hopping to find love and also hopping my hubby will send me packing but he never did cos he afraid of people will say.
To cut d story short. I was able to leave my hubby wit my kids  after 12 miserable years. Now i have found love at last with a man that loves me so much. A man that taught me all you need to be faithful woman is to be in love and to be loved. I can’t imagine  any other man touching me I will rather die than let  it happen. I have been with him for 7yrs and I have been with only him and no other.  He wants to marry me but his family and friends are against it. They said I will repeat same thing I did in my first marriage when I was younger. How can I repeat those mistakes at this time of my life knowing  how much my man loves me. I don’t want to loose this man as my past and mistakes has caught up with me. Am in turmoil.
Pls If he was your brother or friend what advice would you give him.
PS. Advice to parents, leave your children to make their choice on marriage. Give them the chance to fall in love. Give them the choice to make mistakes and to live their tennege life.
I want to start  a foundation that say The choice Is Ours.
Nobody have right to choose a partner for anybody no matter how old or young the person is.
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