I’m a middle-aged woman. I currently reside in Bwari Area Council of the FCT- Abuja. I’m a member of one of the new generation churches, and a church worker.

After my first Son was born over 25 years ago, we stopped having other issues. My husband and I had visited several prayer houses around the country. We have even being to Synagogue Church of All Nations, to see TB Joshua, but we couldn’t see him in person. Different Pastors have prayed for us, and we truthfully exhibited high level of patience, waiting for God’s response. I had met pastors and I had met PASTORS. 40 percent of the pastors we met had made advances at me, even at my age. I realized that most of these Pastors are truly not who they claim they are. ‘’See finish’’ is what I think was my experience in their hands. I do not need to talk too much about the anointed ones, but the warning is that we all have to be careful while dealing with majority of them.

After several rough dealings with Pastors and men of God, with little or no results, we tried different health experts and hospitals. Results remained negative. It was getting to a frustrating level when a colleague from Cross River volunteered to take me to a man she simply referred to as ‘baba’. Being a strong believer, my husband was against the decision to travel to Ogoja to meet the man; out of desperation, I waved off his objection and we headed to Ogoja on a Monday morning. That was when everything became bitter.
Baba, on presenting everything he asked us to bring, he told me that my problem rooted back to my mum, who had s*x with my step brother shortly after I was born. The only solution he proffered was that I ‘sleep’ with my only Son to wade off the spirit of my step brother whom he claimed died shortly after mum’s death. According to him, the spirits were still angry that mum committed such an atrocity, hence I must atone their sins.

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It was believable to me because mum is no more and I heard I also lost my step brother at a time.

I returned home and kept this a top secret. I didn’t tell my husband the real problem. It’s difficult to explain how I managed to convince my son to have knowledge of me, but it happened.

Truly, I became pregnant after then and I’m about to put to bed. I’m just afraid something bad may happen to me. As for my Son, he hates me at the moment. Even in my present state, my husband and I are always at loggerheads. It tells me that something is wrong. I always have nightmares; most times, two men chasing me with a knife. I can’t connect my pregnancy, the dream and my act. Please, I need to get public responses and advice for me on this?

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5 thoughts on “True Confession! Why I had s*x with my Son”

  1. i pray the lord would forgive u of ur sin, and try 2 open up 2 ur husband b4 it’s 2 late,with God all will be well.

  2. Tell ur pastor allthe truth.he will help you to make it known to your husband.and also pray for you and your family.there is nothing to hid again.GOD has desided to exposed the evil your mother commited that is why HE withold your childbearing this long.

  3. You have made a mistake and every other person may reject and turn you down but I know of one person is even most important person who the solution to your problems lied with I am very sure he will not forsaken you. You have to personally, sincerely and deli diligently seek him as soon as you satle with him every thing in your life will taken shape and those you need and rejected you Will look for you. Unless and until then you will never no peace. For now you don’t need any body to led you to him seek him personally you will find him. May God show you mercy. Is well with your Saul.

  4. My dearis ture you had made the mistake but one thing i want you to know is that God can do all things just believe in him, then you will let your husband know the truth only this can set you free, thanks and God bless you.

  5. i am just a young girl who happened to read ur story.Jesus said he dint come for d righteous but for u and me, get a good believing church, despite d fact that u have beeen rough handled by pastors, there are still good churches. The fact dat u have said these in public means means tru repentance. And i promise you on the last day christ will announce you to his father. He loves you.God bless you old things are passed away.

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