Please I need some pieces of advice from matured minds. I met this young beautiful damsel about two weeks ago. We exchanged phone numbers and we started working things out on phone.

Six days ago, she came visiting with a younger girl. We just cracked some jokes together, watched some movies, had lengthy conversation and she left.
Her next visit was 4 days ago, which she came all alone. I was so happy, as I was thinking of visiting her honey pot which didn’t happen that day, we did everything except s*x as she said she was not ready to give me that day. I had earlier learnt she is having her SIWES programme in that town, and would end it by December, so I need not to put her in a rush, knowing my time would come soon.

She promised to be around again on Saturday. At about 10am she arrived again. After some play we left for bedroom, started kissing and she willingly allowed me to pull off her trousers. As I wanted to penetrate, she made some sounds which I thought was normal due to the penetration. Before I could even penetrate, she fainted.

I didn’t know what to do, I was so confused and afraid. It was as if she was dead, no part of the body was moving, no supply of oxygen! I have had sex with many girls without such occurrence. I have not even seen such but I only heard about it occasionally.

I shouted, wailed, cried but she was not moving. My neighbor in the other flat had travelled to Minna on Friday and my place is far from where I could get a transit system.

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I thought of what I could do, I couldn’t even think, memory blurred. I went straight to the bathroom, brought out a pail of water poured it all over her, began to beat, slap her, praying, confused, blowing air into her ears, pressing her cheeks, doing all what I could do.

Suddenly, she came to life but couldn’t talk. I tried to make her sit or stand she could not, she was weak. I wanted to take her to the hospital, but her body, cloth, undies were soaked with water I poured on her, only her trouser which I pulled off earlier was dry, and besides there was no vehicle at my disposal. I tried to make her sit directly opposite the fan, away from the bed on the rug. She couldn’t still move her hands well, tired still, and couldn’t talk, couldn’t open her mouth. I pressed her cheeks, difficult to open her mouth.

Again she fainted the second time, lying like a dead person. Again, I poured her more water, beat her, did all kind of things, prayed. Again she regained consciousness but couldn’t still talk. I pressed her cheeks so hard, she cried. I made her to talk by force. She was weak, I made her to stand with my support. She would want to lose her mind again, but I would slap her and would come back. I made sure I didn’t allow her to rest, I engaged her with talk which she was too tired to reply.

After sometime, I took her to the bathroom, bath her, didn’t allow her to sit, she asked for water but I didn’t give her. She told me she was cold I put off the fan. She began to feel conscious and could identify me and talk again.

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I told her we would visit a general hospital, and she refused saying she was okay. She needed rest, but I didn’t allow her to sleep, because I was afraid she might lose consciousness again.

At about 3pm, she has started to feel much better. I was happy to hear she was hungry, I fried plantain, and cooked noodles. She ate so well, and spread her cloth outside to dry. After eating, she was feeling sleepy, I was afraid to allow her sleep. We moved to the living room because everywhere in the bedroom was soaked with water. She laid on the tiles and slept but I was with her monitoring her, though I knew she was conscious enough. I woke her up at some minutes past 5. She was looking as agile as before.

It was just by the Grace of God, I don’t know where I would have been. God indeed intervened, despite being a sinner, he heard my supplication and cry.

After she was awake and feeling fine again. I asked about her past similar experience. She later made me to understand that she had a similar experience with her first boyfriend, and even her second boyfriend and that I was the third person. She concluded that the reason is that she’s afraid of sex. I don’t believe that, I think there’s more to it. And I also inquired if she has ever told her parents or elders sisters about that, she said no, that she’s always afraid to tell them because she’s only 20 and they would scold her.

I instructed her and gave her transport fare to travel home yesterday, Sunday in other to inform her parents, she initially refused but later admitted to do that. She later felt better on that Saturday and left my place at about 6:30pm.

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Please people, have you heard of this kind of situation? What do i do? Will it affect me in any way?

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9 thoughts on “S*x Almost Killed Her. What Should I do?”

  1. u’re crazy wanting to have a premarital sex which u know it’s wrong. U’re lucky u didn’t jam mama iwota. u dey fin weda e go affect you . ask me one more time MONKEY

  2. i think dis should teach u a lesson.ask God for mercy nd stop those bad habit.dont leave her alone,u dont know d reason why God connect u to her.i believe whatever she is passin through now,God has a solution for it.dont reject d way other did.

  3. @ Nicole… How der u judge someone like u r without sin. Brother u did a good job saving her life n I think she is still trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with her n u happen to be a victim of her experiment. Nothing will happen to you.
    She above 18 and responsible for her actions. I think she seriously needs medical attention.

  4. she is an epileptic patient. it a decease that is not contagious. it a deficiency in the body system which is curable. if you love her you can help with local herb .

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