A newly married couple is having a tough decision to make about who should give way in their organisation.

In some organisations, there is policy on ground that a husband and his wife cannot work in the same place and if such happens, the couple must decide who should give way to the other.

This policy in a leading telecommunications company is causing serious trouble in the home of a newly married couple. As the story goes, Akin met Ebere when he was employed in the company and the two of them fell in love and got married.

Ebere has been in the service of the company for years and has risen to the position of a manager, with a six-figure salary, and her service is invaluable and the company cannot afford to lose her.

On the other hand, Akin has spent just a year and six months in the organisation and the company would not mind dispensing with his services.

Now the problem is that the couple have not been able to decide who should resign. While Akin knows that his wife’s salary is five times what he earns and that she could hold the family together before he gets another job, he also believes that as the man, the wife should be the one to give way.

Ebere too is not willing to give way in a career she has built over the years and with a few years for her to get to a regional manager, she is not willing to budge.

We ask: who should resign if a husband and wife works in the same organisation?

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