Hello my name is Aniebiet Udoh, i am from Akwa Ibom State, I am A Christian and I am 44 Years old but am having troubles in my matrimonial home.

My wife and I had been married for 14 Years now but no issue or sign that she is going to deliver a baby for me and i think i have had the patient enough for a man of my age not to have any son to call my own. I still love my wife dearly and i wish to keep her but my family members are Hell bent to forcefully throw her away. There is this secretary of mine at my working place that had this amorous advances towards me and after working hours i took her out and after many promiscous escapades she recently told me that she is 3 weeks pregnant.

I was baffled but a bit delighted and exhuberant that i am finally a Man now. And this lady that is pregnant for me is already thinking of parking into my house to live with me and to send my wife away as she is not ready to become a second wife, uptill now i am afraid to open up to my wife what has happened, my friends are pressing on me to send the first one away and “marry this fruitful vine” but i still love her dearly. And as a christian i am so confused because my religious and church doctrines (deeper life bible church) only supports monogamy and Strictly prohibits polygamy. I need some advices please.
Though i am very impressed about her pregnancy and cant wait to see my child. Should I wait for this lady to deliver the baby and afterwards send her away? Or should i cast away my first wife or should i take her in as a second wife which is totally against my religion?

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