I met her in a church program in December last year. I proposed to her in January and she accepted. my life in the past 4 months with her has been a dream come true. I showed her off to family and friends at will even in facebook. We even attended a leadership training program for two weeks where we birthed a business dream we shall go into as a family. In fact there was no doubt she was in love with me. I spent on her within my capacity without feeling regret. giving to her was a delight. Everything was perfect until the phone call….

I was on a lunch date with her during a break from d office when a call came through her phone. Usually I dont pokenose into her calls or chats. she doesnt like it.

however, something was different about this particular call. I noticed she was uneasy and was kind of trying to pacify the caller with some excuses why she didnt pick his/her call ealier. I got more curios and demanded to know who called. she said it a nobody. I insisted in knowing who she was pleading with.

finally she spoke. my whole world came crashing before me. I was speechless for some time trying to understand the words I heard from a lady I have given my heart to.

she told me the call was a bolt from her past. that she has been looking for how to tell me about it. “I was into women untill three years ago. the guy who called has my pics and is threatening to publish them online to punish me. he wants to link me up to a rich woman but I told him I dont want so he is threatening to deal with me”.

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I was lost for words. was ds my lady? I was confused. I demanded to speak to d guy myself. she refused. I wanted to explode then she gave me d number. I called d guy and introduced myself and inquired of d guy if what my woman said was true. at ds point d guy flared up calling my woman unprintable words. he angrily told me that my woman came to him long ago and asked him to hook her up with a rich woman. that he wants to punish her for being a lesbian. blah blah blah……so many revelations I cant say her for respect to my woman.

well, the lunch date was ruined already. I coolly but sternly asked her to go home from the restaurant. I was boiling inside. she followed me back to my office. I turned to see her following and wanted to blow up when she calmly said ” emmanuel, just know that all ds things happened in the past. am not proud of it but I hv moved on. I came to tell u about it today before d call came in”. with that she turned and left. ofcourse d rest of the day wad spoiled for me.

for days I didnt call her. she wud call and end the call when I wouldnt talk much. I was still in shock. d best friend called and pleaded. she said my woman hadnt left her room for days. always crying non stop.

I still love her. I called d guy later and he claimed he was just playing around. dat the pictures he claimed to hv hv long been lost. dat I shud not leave my woman becos of that. that what he did dat morning was to check if my woman was still in that game. I didnt believe him.

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anyway I tried to move on with my woman. though I must admit that things are not d way it used to be. I hv lost d enthusiasm.

I was watching man u match this afternoon when my phone rang. it was the same guy. I asked him why he called. he said called to know why am not talking to my woman. I got angry andtold him to stay clear of my life. I cut the call. he then sent me a message that he would like t send me a link to a website so I would get to know whovmy woman truely is.

I called my girl and warned her to ask her friend to leave me alone.

I want to break up from her. pls is ds the right thing to do?

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