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Note: This happened to me today 12 years ago. The memory always flashes me every 13/07
I met this lady in my second year in school. I went to a lecturer’s office who happens to be like a fatherly figure to me, then I saw this chick (Actually, it wasn’t the first time I would meet her there). So I quickly used that opportunity to clinch her in front of my lecturer who even stylishly persuaded her for me. Although, he warned me not to mess her up, that’s when he revealed to me she is his blood sister.

Throughout the time we spent together, I treated her with care because I knew her brother is a lecturer who is even handling my 4 unit course.

Bimpe can fck. She is very romantic and pretty. She likes se.x. more than food.
On this faithful night, we decided to go and read on campus, NEPA was doing what they know how to do best.
It was a mildly cold night. We passed through her brother’s office which was under locked (at times when we go out reading in the night, we do visit him if he is around). He wasn’t around this time around.

After about 30 minutes reading, my girl started complaining of cold, she could not concentrate again. She told me she was going, I offered to see her off, and she said she doesn’t want to disturb me. I should continue reading.
So she left. I read for about 30 minutes, I could not concentrate anymore. My mind was with her, I decided to trace her home and check on her for the last time.

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On my way home, I noticed her brother’s office was opened this time, I could see light reflection coming from his inner office (His office has a lobby where some junior lecturers sit, then another inner-main office where he sits).
Nobody was in the outer office at that time of the day, so I decided to go in straight to my oga’s office. Even the door to the inner office was not closed but just tilted, so if you look inside, you could see what is going on inside without opening the door fully.
I saw my girl (she wore mini-skirt that night. I even challenged her that mosquito will have party on her she said she want fresh air on her legs, but on getting to school and started complaining of cold again)

I saw her sitting on my lecturer’s laps and facing him. She was hopping up and down. The man managed to insert his dck through her mini-skirt. That’s when I knew my girlfriend did not wear pant under that mini-skirt. Or may be the man got another way to insert without pulling off her pants.

I couldn’t interrupt them. I stood there watching the whole show. This headache suddenly came from nowhere. My legs were shaking. It was like my whole intestine was gone.
I was lost in thought just standing there like statue. They finished up, she took a cup from his table to come and fetch water from the water dispenser in the outer office. She spotted me at the door and shouted “Jesus”. She didn’t expect anyone to be there.

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I could see water/dripping wets from her virgin_al position in her skirt.
I rushed away…she didn’t even bother to follow or call me. I cried the whole night. I wished death come and take me. The next day I met her in her room crying. I asked why she will do something like that with her blood brother. That’s when she confessed he is her father’s best friend. They even built house in the same place in Ibadan.

I said to myself people are really wicked. Up till today whenever I mention to my colleagues that they are not related in anyway, people argue with me and say they are brothers and sisters. I just laugh it off.

The breakup was not easy on me. I could not eat for days. She never felt remorse that much. Ever since then, she has been snubbing me. Even my lecturer too raise his face whenever I come near him.

That’s when I changed my perspective of relationship. It doesn’t worth your heart and loyalty. I am now a free man.

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