First dates can be quite intimidating because nervousness is at its peak. Everyone wants to make a good impression and look decent so she agrees to the second date as well. You don’t want her never to call you back after your first date now do you? Well in that case you shouldn’t overdo it. People do the most bizarre things in the attempt to impress their date in an attempt her to lure her into a second date. Well here are a few helpful tips you should definitely keep in mind the next time you take a girl out.


Never ever be late to a first date. That’s the worst impression you can give her about yourself. You don’t want her to think she’s clearly not important enough for you to show up on time or that you aren’t serious about this. In fact, be there before time so she acknowledges what a gentleman you are and how excited you are about your first date. Trust me she’ll love it, its small things like these that will put a smile on her face and will go a long way.

Leave your work and friends behind

Don’t even mistakenly check your cell phone be it work or friends. If you’re constantly on your phone it indicates you’re not having fun and are just trying to kill time. Plus it’s disrespectful.

What to wear

Okay for starters keep this simple rule in mind, do not over dress or under dress. Unless you’re taking her to a 5-star restaurant wearing a suit doesn’t seem ideal. Don’t try to be James bond and wear a fancy tuxedo in an attempt to impress her. That only works in movies. Keep it casual or semi-formal. Wear pants and throw on a semi-formal shirt on top, or wear a pair of jeans with a T-shirt and wear a letterman jacket on top if it’s a little chilly.

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Use some nice perfumes. Girls love it if you smell nice but please don’t mistake it to using half a bottle on yourself. That’s just annoying, she should be able to breathe and make conversation with you while not requiring an inhaler to breathe.

No smoking

If she doesn’t smoke you shouldn’t even consider lighting one up. For non-smokers this can be very irritating, she’ll be coughing the whole time. Plus if you plan to kiss her it’s not a good idea to light one up. Smokers are probably accustomed to the taste so it isn’t a big deal for them. However for non-smokers the taste is absolutely dreadful, it’s like kissing an ashtray. So if you don’t smoke for a couple of hours you won’t die. Plus she will probably notice you didn’t smoke in front of her which could get you a few bonus points.

No messy food

Once you are 3-4 months into your relationship and have moved past all the formalities and the embarrassing stuff then it’s alright to gobble down a meatball sub in front of her while spilling majority of itself onto yourself. However on a first date you need to maintain a certain image of yourself. Don’t eat like you haven’t eaten since yesterday. You need to look civilized so order something which won’t create much of a mess. Okay, if you’re still hungry you can pick up a pizza after dropping her home.

NEVER talk about your ex

Making this mistake is like shooting yourself in the foot. You don’t want her to think you are someone with a lot of baggage and that you are still not over them. Play it cool man, you’re trying to win her over not chase her away.

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Listen more talk less

Girls love and adore guys who don’t go blabbering on about themselves and listen to them. You don’t want to be an overconfident self-obsessed jerk that cannot stop showing off. Give her time and importance, make her feel special. She needs to know you actually care. These things may sound trivial but reveal a lot about a person’s personality. This will tell her that you won’t be selfish in the future.

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