Cheating (Infidelity) is a habit of willfully having sexual encounter with someone other than the official or known spouse or lover. It is a habit taken on by different people for different reasons.

A lot of people have associated the word to men because overtime, men have proven themselves easy prey to the wiles of attractive women. Even when they are enspoused to an equally attractive women, the lure of the unknown often leads them to cheat.

This was the case for many years until recent research showed that women have begun to cheat just as much or even more than men. According to the research (dailymail, 2009), one reason why women are better at cheating than men is because they are better at lying about it. The fact that a woman’s brain is better equipped to handle long term memory more than the men’s further lends credibility to this study as many men are known to forget the lies they told days back, creating another story which makes their partner get suspicious. Whereas in the case of a woman, she is better able to string her tale and remember the details of the lie even after a long time has past. This makes for a more succcessful cover up and less chances of getting caught.

The concept of cheating however, is still largely exclusive to individuals and as much as one sex might seem to get caught more often at it, its not to say the other is entirely innocent. Social media has not helped matters as it avails one of multiple options of possible sexual partners.

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