Fat women are not in any way lesser than other women; as a matter of fact some of these people have great personalities and are fun to be with. However, the body weight is the bone of contention.

Although dating fat girls is a thing of choice, many men think sleeping with fat girls is close to being awesome especially when they have their full bodies in their arms. It practically excites men to be able to feel a woman’s flesh and have places to touch instead of gripping bones as compared to thin girls. However, most men are not willing to take the relationship farther than that. They prefer it to be flings as they don’t want their affairs with these women to go overboard. They therefore find reasons to duck when things starts to get intense.

The following reasons would explain why men avoid dating fat girls or getting serious with them.

Bed-Time Snoring

This behavior as noticed in most people who are fat could be a huge turn off for guys. Fat women like normal fat people have every tendency to get tired and exhausted over little things. The men may find it disturbing to have women who fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed. Most men snore too; imagine having two people who snore in the same room. It could be really noisy down there.  In addition to this, fat people sweat a lot. The men may not be able to handle the women snoring and sweating every moment in bed.

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Weight Gain After Child-Birth

Most women tend to gain weight after marriage. This weight gain could be more noticed in some women during pregnancy or after childbirth. Men worry that fat girls may become obese and controlling their weight could become serious point of concern for her. They may go totally shapeless after multiple child-births. Men love their women to stay in shape; they want girls who aren’t necessarily thin who would add flesh and still be attractive after child-birth.

Age Easily

Most fat women look older than their real ages due to their body mass. They not only look bigger in size, they may start to look older than the men. This is something that alarms the men; they don’t want girls who would make them feel lesser than the men they are or girls who people could tag their mothers or aunts in public. They also feel they may be unable to control or dominate the relationship.


Men loved to be served this every night if possible. Fat women may become less desirable to the men at some point and this could be frustrating for the men. Men love women whose appearances alone is a turn on. Also, fat women overtime may start to see sex as an inconvenience. Their constant excuses often drive the men away.


Every man considers the offspring that would be born or raised in the course of marriage. Men worry about their progeny inheriting a bad gene from either of the parents. Men worry about their kids especially if there are fat people in their families too or they have records of obesity. Fat women may also not give them the kinds of home they want their children to grow in considering the fact that most of them tend to be lazy.

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Health Issues

In this era of technology where most people are well informed on certain matters that are thriving, men know that being excessively fat or obese in unhealthy. They fear that the women may slump on them or give them reasons to visit the hospitals every time. They also know that this weight tells on them overtime especially with movement of their legs.

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