When you see a beautiful girl, don’t sit back and wait for the universe to magically bring you two together to start a conversation. Seize the day and put yourself out there! Throw caution to the wind and if you see someone you like, give it your best shot and go for it. Going after someone you like, even with the chance of being rejected, is also a great life lesson to apply to other areas of your life. You gotta be in it to win it.

 When going for the approach, the best thing you can do is to walk with confidence. Women love a man who is confident and comfortable with who they are. The rest will take care of itself.

Here are four suave ways to approach a cute girl.

1. Just say “Hi”

This sounds like the most obvious and almost dumb thing to even suggest, because it’s the logical thing to do, but men don’t always do this. This is a pre-opener sort of thing, and it breaks the ice a little. Whether she’s hanging out in a group with other women or standing in line at Starbucks, she will know that you are speaking to her and not approaching her with a question mid-sentence.

2. Indirect opener

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This can be looked at as an approach that is not specifically directed at her, but is more something that can be said to make an audience laugh. Since women love a sense a humor, why not try to make her laugh right off the bat? Keep it light though — you don’t want to come off as creepy. If you make her laugh, there will be instant intrigue, and congrats to you because you definitely have gotten her attention. This should be tailored to your personality and what you feel comfortable saying, but may I suggest (if she is looking at her phone, which I’m sure she will be) to say something along the lines of: “I had no idea that you were texting your friend about me!” Find a solid, workable indirect opener and stick with it.

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3. Opinion opener

This will for sure get her talking and is your best bet at continuing the conversation. This can be tailored to your location, especially if you’re at a bar or in a very social situation. Your opinion opener will be along the lines of: “Have you been to this bar/restaurant before, what would you recommend I get?” It can be a variation of this line. It’s been tried on me many times and has kept me talking, which is what you’re going for (of course).

4. Direct opener

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Gentlemen, this is the BIG one and is not for the shy and insecure man. Be prepared to run with this: give her a compliment. This can be used anywhere, but do bear in mind that there is a visible fine line between a genuine compliment and creepy comment. Caution: Please do not approach this in the way of cat-calling; rather, pay a beautiful woman a respective compliment, once you approach her and say “hi,” followed by your direct opener. For example: “I’m sorry I had to stop you, but you have the most amazing eyes.” Congrats to you — you just stopped a beautiful girl in her tracks.

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