Ladies often dream of having beautiful and rosy proposals from the men. Every girl wants this life changing event to be remarkable and memorable. A marriage proposal isn’t meant to be boring and it shouldn’t be too clumsy either.

For a proposal to stand out in its true context, it should conform to more than one of the following criteria.

Engagement Ring

This is an essential part of making a wedding proposal. Without the engagement ring, the whole preparation is a waste. A man should never make the mistake of proposing to a woman without it. The affair would look like a joke as there’s no emblem of union. The ring is a symbol of love, a promise of marriage and a constant reminder of commitment. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it should be affordable and definitely beautiful.

Parents’ Approval

It is necessary to gain parents’ approval before going ahead with the proposal. There’s basically no point making a wedding proposal to the lady when the parents haven’t reached an agreement. It would be a total waste of time and energy for so much effort to be put into something that may never happen. After blessings and approvals have been received, the proposal could forge ahead.

Perfect Timing

The time the proposal would be done should be carefully mapped out. The man could look into the lady’s plans to fix a time that would be free for her. It would be laughable to get stood up by the lady when you have set everything in place for a proposal.

Beautiful Arena

The man should try his best possible when picking the spot where the proposal would be done. Depending on the taste of the lady in question, the arena could be a natural garden with lots of air and cool music and it could be in some exotic bar or restaurant. However, one should always consider the negative part of it too if she were to turn down the offer. Thus, a quiet and not too busy place would be nice.

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Inspiring Words

While the words of proposal shouldn’t be exaggerated, it is important for the man to highlight the things he likes about her and make the words as beautiful as ever. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but it should convey the right emotion and be convincing.

Top Secret

The wedding proposal plan should be as discrete as possible. The arrangement should be guarded so as not to spoil the thrill. Every girl looks forward to being engaged yet they still want the moment to creep in on them unannounced.

A Place To Celebrate With Friends Later

After the proposal has been made and the expected answer gotten, friends could be invited to join in the celebration of love. They could move to another environment or remain there for the party. The newly engaged lady gets to show off her ring and have a fun filled day at the end of it all.

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