some men have a hard time getting their women
to lust after them on a constant basis, other guys
have an even harder time trying to fend their
insatiable women off their members. That’s
right, there are plenty of women in the world
who love s*x even more than the next guy —
and no, they’re not really men disguised as
women either.
Some women become so engrossed with s*x
that they’re sometimes unable to concentrate on
anything else. Believe it or not, the theory that
men think about s*x much more often than
women is not always the case. So how can you
tell if a woman is obsessed with s*x? Better yet,
how do you get her home number when you find
out that she is?
Well, as for the latter question, I can’t really help
you there, but I can help you figure out whether
or not she’s a s*x fiend.When you and your lady
friend go out on the town together, are her eyes
constantly checking out all the men in the given
establishment? Now don’t get me wrong, there
are those women who just love to have every
penis standing at attention when they walk into a
room, and not necessarily because they want to
wrap their mouth around them all.
But there are gals that devour men with their
eyes because they are sizing up what those given
gentlemen might be like in bed or in the
bathroom. Keep your eye on her; if she
constantly keeps “eye flirting” with other guys, it
may not simply be harmless attention seeking.
And if she’s with you, why is she flirting with
other men anyway? Because her appetite is
probably not sated
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7 thoughts on “How To Know A Lady Who is S*x Obessed”

  1. hi all a man ora woman needs is in the bible concerning all issues of life even how to have good relationship outside that is a problem. so keeping a man friend or a woman friend is good without sex till the day of marriage and if u trust ur woman nothing would bother u even let a guy comes to her and toss her in ur front both of u and ur understanding attitude would take charge of the situation so is a matter of whho both of u are in christ jesus have a nice time.

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