The sensation, sight, smell and sound involved in lovemaking, helps heighten your pleasure and capacity for climax. However, there are times when stuff like genital odor, can make the whole experience less than pleasant.

So, how do you avoid smelling bad during intercourse? Here are some answers.

Take A Shower

Before getting intimate, take a shower or do a quick wash up of your genitals to prevent body odor.

This is especially necessary after you’ve engaged in physically challenging activities that make you sweat or work that has exposed you to humid or dusty environments. These may promote infections or the spread of odor-causing micro-organisms in your body.

Don’t forget to towel off thoroughly afterwards to prevent creating moist, bacteria-friendly hotspots on your body.


Change Sanitary Pads Regularly

The use of tampons, panty liners and sanitary pads can promote a less than pleasant smell, especially if they are not changed often and regularly.

Consider using the unscented variants, as these may interfere with your body’s natural aroma, and change them as soon as they’re sufficiently soiled or after about four hours of use to keep yourself fresh, clean and odor-free.


Wear Cotton Underwear

Wear cotton underwear to promote sufficient air circulation and help reduce genital odor.

Fabrics made with synthetic materials do not promote good air flow and are more likely to make your intimate parts smell even before you have intercourse.

Drink Water And Lots Of It

Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to help your body flush out toxins and fend off odor-causing bacteria.

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Eat Yogurt

Eating yogurt or any other food with live cultures of “good bacteria” can help minimize body odor as it promotes the spread of beneficial microorganisms that can fight yeast infection or digestive issues.

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