I will love to share my experience in one year and nine days in marriage.

I have never experienced what is called love in marriage my husband only gets down to my level wherever he wants sex. Because of this I’m so confused.

There’s no form of communication and even if I try, he tells me I’m tired I need to rest.  Is it that he’s having an affair or because I haven’t gotten pregnant yet?

I’m really in a confused state and what I have in mind now is to ask for a divorce. Please I need your opinion because I’m losing my mind.



Hello Grace,

You said in your letter that you try to communicate your concerns to your husband. It all depends on how you have been communicating with him. In this case you have to put in more effort, let your husband see how you are falling apart deep inside.

Sex is an expression of love in marriage, which means it has to be enjoyed by both people involved. You are his wife and are meant to enjoy sex with your husband, it is not a boss and employee relationship.

It takes a man and woman to make a baby, which means if you are worried about your inability to get pregnant, then you and your husband should go see a doctor to put your worries at rest.

No marriage is problem free which means getting a divorce should be the last option when all has failed. You can still give your marriage one more shot. After making that list, you can now define what you want in your marriage, set a marriage goal for yourself and work towards it. Even your husband will begin to see the changes you have made.

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I wish you all the best in your marriage.

— Bukky

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