A friend is going thru a rough patch with her marriage, the marriage is barely three months, and it’s about to b torn apart due to perceived cheating and infidelity from her husband with her two closest pals

In her own words… “I just discovered that my husband is cheating on me. I went through his phone and saw his chats with two different girls. The most painful thing is that the two girls are my closest friends. They were both part of my bridal train three months ago and we already have plans to go for a relative burial again this month, that shows how close we are. Surprisingly, one of the girls that exchange nudes with my husband has it all planned to get married this September after her fiance proposed to her couple of months to my wedding, but here she is sleeping with my husband. I’m confused ”

Pls note that she’s currently left the house.

I will post the screen shots of their chats except the ones with the Unclad pictures.

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