Do you think you’ve never had an opinion any time you wanted to, only because your girlfriend is busy opining on your behalf? Do you feel that you’re dictated terms to, but are always made to believe that the deed is done for your good? Maybe it isn’t the way it seems! You are probably dating a control freak, who loves to make you live your life her way. Here are the indications that your partner is one:

1. Possessive to the core: This is probably the first sign your partner will show when she’s a control freak. Can she never take situations lightly, especially when it deals with other women? Does she make a scene to show you off in front of people because she wants to prove you belong to her? That surely is an indicator.

2. You are not ‘you’ anymore: When your friends start complaining that you’ve changed excessively and try explaining the change to you, that’s a sign. Remember, friends always get to know such things before anyone else, and will hint about it to you.

3. She needs to know every take: No matter how personal it be, your girlfriend needs to know the details like nobody else does. And God forbid, if you decide not to tell her about something, the drama that follows, will totally not be worth the trouble.

4. Quite your mom she can be: There’s a list of do’s and don’ts she chalks out for you, and a list of good and bad; just that she adds endearments like baby, honey, along with the lineup!

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5. You are answerable to her: No matter what happens, your girlfriend will want a justification included with the account. If you notice that you are defending yourself most of the times before her, she’s a control freak.

6. Involves family: So you’ve done something without telling your parents and your girlfriend doesn’t approve of it either. She plays her trump card, informs your parents on your behalf, thereby endearing herself to them and leaving you to face the brickbats alone.

7. She spies: When your girlfriend is sleuthing around and busy gathering information about you from close friends, she’s controlling.

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