There’s a high chance of meeting one of these kinds of ladies if you go on dates frequently. They exist in our society and the one reading this may actually fall into one of these categories.

Inspired by Times of India, here are some categories of single ladies that exist:

1. The ‘I’m not cut out for marriage’ lady: She feels marriage is a trap and doesn’t want to get caught in it for some reason. She’s an awesome partner but runs as soon as her man mentions marriage.

2. The ‘I can’t get over my ex’ lady: She feels the only one that completes her is her loser ex, who has probably forgotten about her and chasing other women in skirts. She therefore closes her mind to other good guys with hope that her ex would find her single when he ‘eventually’ comes back.

Lovers in bed(Love and Hard Talk)

3. The ‘fairy-tale princess’: This lady can’t seem to separate reality from fantasy. She’s still waiting for her ‘prince charming’ who’ll rescue her from her troubled castle. She’s in love with the concept of love.

4. The ‘I love a big family’ lady: She loves a big family, likes the idea of kids running around and would love to have hers someday. But she can’t seem to wrap her mind around the pain of being a mother.


5. The ‘I’m still looking for the right one’ lady: Point to note: She has never lacked the attention of a man, in fact she has them drooling over her. She constantly rejects these men when they make a move with an excuse of still looking for “The One”.

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