Men tend to be very inquisitive in the bedroom. They want to know what a woman likes/dislikes; what makes her scream; what makes her toes curl; etc. These are good questions to ponder, as they don’t want to do things to upset/disappoint her.
Plus, men tend to feel inadequate in life if their bedroom game isn’t up to their woman’s standards. Fair enough. But sometimes their desire to know everything about their woman leads them to ask questions that are better left unasked.
These questions may bring forth awkwardness and unnecessary lies. In fact, these questions may also force a man to look at his woman in a different light — even if he’s not trying to. In essence, no matter how curious men are about their woman’s response to the questions, they should avoid them at all costs.
Check out the five questions that a man should never ask a woman in the bedroom below:
1. What’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done?
It’s understandable that a man would ask this question in an effort to better understand his woman’s depth of bedroom activities; but is it really necessary to ask  this question? No, it’s not. If his woman provides an off-the-wall response, it may cause him to reassess the relationship.
2. Am I the best you’ve ever had?
For the sake of his ego, it’s safer for a man to just assume that he is his woman’s top pick. If his woman had someone who is better than him that she loved and cared about, she’d be with that guy… Unless he’s currently unavailable (e.g. married).
3. Am I the largest you’ve ever had?
This question is probably the most irrelevant. What does it profit a man to know that his “third leg” is the largest his woman has ever had? This is once again an instance where the man should simply assume that he is for the sake of his own ego.
4. Where did you learn how to (insert an intimate act here) like that?
As it pertains to this question,  the best thing for men to do is assume their woman watched a ton of dirty films. A man doesn’t truly want to know the name(s) of the other man/men who taught his woman his favorite tricks in the bedroom.
5. Am I the first you’ve ever done this to/with?
This question is for juveniles. A man shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not he’s the first. He should be more concerned about whether or not he’ll be her last.
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