Right now my heart is heavy, am in a state of confusion I don’t know what to do.On saturday I received the shock of my life through a text message from my girlfriend stating that I should move on with my life that it is over between us, at first I thought I was dreaming because I just got up from bed at exactly 7am, I ignored the text thinking it was a mistake had to shower and get ready for work. The following day which happens to be on sunday I called her and She told me that she has think about it that I should move on with my life…its over!!! I asked her what have I done to deserve such a thing from her she was unable to justify her action.
O boy, my jaw drop e be like say dem use dagger pierced my heart have never experience such thing in my life, I do read it online about how girls break up with their partner with no reason I can’t believe this is happening to me. This is a girl that I really care for we met during our National Diploma program in 2012, she will be graduating this year while am about to put in for my HND.
Am not boasting about what have done for her but I just want you guys to understand my plight, I help her financially during her two years of studies pay her school fees and other miscellaneous while am still hustling. During our five years of courtship have never thought of cheating her or dump her for no reason I always make sure she’s comfortable because her parents has passed.

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Since Saturday my life have never been the same because the tone of text msg always ring on my head, am so sad right now I can’t think straight anymore my boss at work notice my mood today and ask me what’s up with me I had to dodge the question….till now I always look at my phone hoping to see her call or text maybe she was joking with me, I really love her so much and I always express my love to her though am not financially bouyant at the moment but I always do everything in my capacity to ensure she is Ok….there was a time i use money meant for my handouts to buy her foodstuffs and all, have sacrifice a lot for her during our academic days I finished with Lower Credit while she has Upper Credit. I’m not jealous of her success but frankly speaking I make impact in her life in general, I do see her as the mother of my kids there are a lot of plan I have for her, we always discuss this all the time. Right now she school in osun state while am hustling here in oyo state but I always travel to visit her from time to time and shower her with a lot of gifts.
Pls I need your advise on how to move on with my life because right now the thing is affecting my life I can’t think straight anymore or even sleep very well. Bashing is also allowed I just want u guys to talk sense into my head.

Sorry for my grammatical blunders

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