What you like in the bedroom is often a reflection on the kind of woman you are outside of it.

Here are how these se x positions reflect the inner you.

1. Missionary: You like to play it safe in a lot of ways, and because of it you have a stable job and monogamous, super committed relationships. You don’t see the harm in keeping it simple in bed. You like to look in your partner’s eyes and tell them how much you love them while you do it. That will never go out of style.

2. Doggie Style: You’ve got a tattoo that only three people in the world know about and one of them is the person you’re sleeping with. In your public life you like to portray a more buttoned-up image, but in your private life it’s a whole different story. You have no problem getting on all fours and taking it like a woman. You’ll get him back later.

3. Woman On Top: You know exactly what you want in life and go for it — a new pair of heels, that dream job, your orgasms.

4. Spooning: Everyone knows you’re a real softie, especially your partner who you text every few hours just to see how their day is going. You’re easy going and agreeable, sometimes to a fault, but whoever gets to spoon you regularly is a lucky person and better not take advantage of your sensitive heart–or the people who love you will most certainly kill them.

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