These two classes of men do all the things a head of the house is supposed to do. They both provide for their families including going on vacations with their wives and kids.

But being a dad holds a deeper meaning than just being a father and these attributes ensures the growth of a child in an intact rather than a dysfunctional home.

Inspired by YourTango, here are the differences between a father and a dad.

1. Dads know how to play on their kid’s level, father’s don’t. These action leaves a lasting impression in the memories of their children.

2. Dads set good example, don’t let their emotions run high and are perfect role models to their kids. They make sure all they do aren’t physically or emotionally endangering to their children.

3. Dads are extremely protective of their kids. They listen when their children complain and don’t dismiss their children’s talk as irrelevant.

4. Dads think their words through before they speak. They are more thoughtfully honest than fathers who would slam their children with inappropriate words.

Being a dad requires a lifetime of difficult dedication and responsibilities which is why children from these kinds of home have the most stable of lives.

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