Getting your stuff back from your ex after a break-up is never easy, especially when you have different ideas on whether that expensive iPhone was given as a gift or a loan.

But one guy found a very mean way to reclaim what he saw as his rightful property after things went sour.

After splitting up with his girlfriend Melisa, this guy demanded she returned his iPhone, which she claimed he gave her as a present. She refused.

During a heated text exchange, he informed his former flame:

“I’m getting the phone back I hope you know.”

Melisa replied: “How?? and the following conversation ensued:


Her former partner then decided to stop playing nicely. Using the Find My iPhone app, he traced Melisa’s device and registered it as lost before erasing it of all its contents.

As a final blow he added the message:

“Hey babe, I decided to turn off my phone. See since it’s my phone I can do that. “Shouldn’t have called me a f*** boy. Have a nice day. #phoneless.”







He then texted Melisa’s mum to make sure he would get back the “$300 dollar stolen coaster”.

The exchange was uploaded to picture sharing website imgur , where it has since gone viral.

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