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Couple Who Attended Same Primary School Shares Their Touching Story of Love (Photos)

This sweet love story how a couple who were classmates in primary school and later met on Facebook to unite in love will touch your heart.

Adeniyi Okubanjo and his darling sweetheart, Lara Akinyemi
This is the sweet love story of a couple who attended same primary school and now getting married after meeting again on Facebook. Lara Akinyemi  who will soon be getting married to her sweetheart, Adeniyi Okubanjo shared the love story on Instagram.
She wrote: “I don’t really know how to write these types of stories, I will just struggle. Our love story started on Facebook!! Believe it or not. In the afternoon of Sept 2009 , I was in Med School then, got a message from an old primary school mate (couldn’t even remember him), I had to confirm from my class photos, I almost never reply Facebook messages especially from strangers; don’t even read them most times.
“We started talking, apparently he had been sending messaged to all the Lara Akinyemis without profile pics on Facebook ‘cos he had just me in mind since he was a pupil (he had eye for something good since childhood and was in love since 1990something, bad child hahahahaa).
“The rest is history ‘cos the story is still long oo.. I’m getting married to my long-term boo. I don’t know how to say those romantic things like u’re my cockroach in my cupboard, skeleton in my wardrobe etc.”
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