The hymen is a piece of tissue that lines the va ginal opening. It has an opening that can be of any size, which may be thin or thick with an opening for menstrual blood. After puberty, the hymen becomes quite elastic, this means the hymen can easily stretch out and back again.

Many young women are so concerned about the state of their hymen.  The easiest way to know if  it is still intact, use a flashlight in front of a mirror, lie on your back and place a mirror right between your legs. Spread the inner and outer va ginal lips to see inside deep inside your va gina.

If you see a thin layer of skin with a small hole in it, your hymen is most likely in place. In case you see small traces of broken skin around your va ginal opening without any membrane, this usually means you have already broken your hymen.

Your hymen may not be intact, even without s3xual penetration. Here are some other common activities that could break or stretch your hymen besides s3x:

Tampon: Using a tampon may not tear the hymen, but it may stretch the initial and naturally existing holes. Some women have one small opening in their hymen, while others may have a few smaller holes that could tear slightly and cause bleeding if a tampon or finger is inserted.

Sport Activities: Being physically active, especially in a sport like horseback riding or gymnastics, can cause your hymen to break. If your hymen breaks during a particularly intense workout, it may or may not be a painful occurrence.

Tree Climbing: You may break your hymen while trying to climb a tree or over a fence. So, if you still want to keep your hymen intact, don’t climb trees.

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Masturbation: Using fingers or a large object like a vibrator may break your hymen. Also, using instruments by doctors during surgical operation is another thing to watch out for in keeping your hymen intact.

We all know that s3xual intercourse may stretch the hymen to make a larger opening or may cause a tiny tear or change in the shape of the hymen. Sometimes this is called “breaking” the hymen, but it does not really break, it just stretches.

Every woman’s hymen is different and reacts differently. Sometimes a woman hymen is still completely intact even after penetrative experiences.

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