In every relationship men enjoy taking charge and dislike being bored. Aside from their regular day-to-day activities, men love to be adored by their partners and also want to assert their freedom at the same time.

In order not to feel disappointed, a man would rather date or marry someone who places him at the center of their lives but whatever the reason may be, a man intimately feels the urge to be respected and appreciated by his woman.

Below are ways you can prevent your man from cheating:

Learn His Love Language:

This method has the potential to save many relationships and marriages all over the world. It has always been said that every woman should learn her man’s love language and remember to speak it to him regularly.

Don’t Be Controlling:

When we get into a relationship, we often tend to engage in destructive relationship habits such as nagging, threatening and criticizing that we do not know it is harming the other person. Such habits should not be exhibited in front of your partner.

Give Him Space:

Allowing a man engage in another affair may provide them the sense of freedom they lack in their current relationship. Ladies should always allow your man have time for himself without you by not trying to monopolize his time. Let him spend quality time with his friends.


Ladies should always help their men feel desired by expressing your love in a more intimate way because men equate sex with desirability.

Be Opened For Experiments:

Experiments can come in any form on a relationship but you should learn to allow your man try new things with you, especially when sex is involved. If you are not willing to go on that adventure, be rest assured that someone else would be more than willing to walk down that road with him.

Also note that every relationship comes with its own ups and downs and if you ever feel unhappy in your relationship, don’t point fingers at your partner just look into the mirror and identify the cause of your unhappiness.

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Learn to accept your man as he is and adjust yourself and if you ever feel he is violating majority of your non-negotiables, opting out of the relationship might be the best option.

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