A woman who had been beset by interesting twists and turns in her marriage, has come open to share her struggles.

The woman shared her story showing how her husband is proving to be a big pain to handle.
Below is what she wrote:
A few months ago, I found a business card with a girl’s name and phone number in my man’s wallet.
It was someone in his office and I suspected instantly what was going on.
The next time he went away on his numerous business trips, I rang his usual hotel the day I knew he would leave for home. I lied that I was his secretary and I needed to know the name of the colleague he’d stayed with so that I could process their details for the trip. It was a shot in the dark and I was surprised when the receptionist fell for it. She gave me what I wanted and the silly girl had not even changed her name.
I later phoned the girl in the office and she was so surprised she told me all that was going on. When my husband tried to bluff his way by denials, I told him his girl had confessed. He just shrugged.
He now wants me to turn a blind eye on this affair but I can’t do that. I can’t jutst forgive him and I can’t leave either. There are our three kids to consider and I want to keep the family together.
I saw the other woman a few weeks ago. She’s 20 years younger than my husband – tall, slim and attractive. I don’t know what she sees in him. But despite it all, I still love my husband and I’m going to fight to keep him.
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