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My boyfriend of 5 months and I have a great relationship and a very open minded se x life. If one of us wants to try anything at all, we clearly communicate it, try it, and then reflect on whether we liked it or not. He was really curious about anal and I was 80% sure I wouldn’t like it but I tried anyway because you never know until you try.

I was right in the assumption of me not liking it. Afterward I said I didn’t like it and he said that was okay and we didn’t have to do it again.

We didn’t do it again for about a week when he kept asking questions like “what if we just go slower? Can we do it again with more lube? Can we please do anal again we
didn’t go fast enough last time for me to really know.”

Personally I’m a people pleaser and hate saying no to people, especially people I’m close to. I agreed and so we did it again. I asked him a few times to slow down because it hurt but he didn’t because he said it doesn’t feel good if he doesn’t go fast. I asked if that could be the last time and he said it could be.

That repeated again and I hate telling him no so I tried to put my foot down and say it would be THE LAST TIME we did anal. I ended up crying because it hurt so bad and he stopped and said “okay were never doing this again”. I asked why and he said “because you cried”. I apologized for crying and he said it was fine but he just wanted to go to sleep. He wouldn’t cuddle with me like he usually does but I chalked it up to him being too tired.

About a week later he tried to convince me to do anal again and I finally said no. I explained that I didn’t like it and I was too lenient about it before but I really wanted to stop. Later on that day I tried to cuddle with him while we were watching tv and he basically mocked what I said to him earlier about why I didn’t want to do anal. I considered telling him he could just so he would stop ignoring me but I stood my ground.

Weeks went by without much issue besides him asking to do it again here and there, and me politely declining. Then there was a fight about it. He asked why I wouldn’t do anal “even though he does so much for me” (which I instantly thought back to when I just wanted to cuddle and he wouldn’t because he was mad I didn’t want a dick in my ass).

It ended up erupting into him telling me that I’m not a good girlfriend because I’m depriving him of this and if I keep doing it he might start turning to other places to get what he wants. He stormed off and I couldn’t help but feel like a disappointment. I cried and he came back and apologized about an hour later.

He stopped asking for about a month but he’s starting to ask again. I really really don’t want to do it but I also don’t want him to keep being mad at me for not wanting to. Should I do it? Should I keep standing my ground?

I am 18 years old, he is 19.

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46 thoughts on “My boyfriend is pressurizing me to give him anal s*x – 18 year old girl cries out”

  1. Both of you are kids, and should not even engage in sexually Intercourse. Sex is for Adults not kids. Quit..

    1. who said, it doesn’t mater, besides both are above 17 which makes them adults so beat it off

  2. Lolss, that sounds funny buh i’amma gon advice you to stop it cuz it anal sex ain’t good at all not to talk to an 18yr old girl..

    1. have u hear about the coming of our lord JESUS christ stop it now & give your life to jesus that so call boyfirend is taking u to hell fire come back to christ now & be save?

  3. sex is made 4 marriage, not for youth fun. a woman’s virginity is d best gift to her husband. girls or spinsters take note of dis.

  4. STOP it now and face your studies.having such form of sex can affect your anal region.stop it and walk away for good in your own intrested.

  5. both of u are adults but I don’t think sex is too important in dat relationship pls stop

  6. the boy is destroying your life small small, you better stay away from him because your virginity is your pride

    1. my dear,d truth is that u knw beta than public does.You know d advantage&disavantage in d relatiinship if d relationship is doing u no good i dont tink there’s a nid for u to seek an advice b4 saving yoursef after all it is a sin against God and your own body.I dont know what u’re actually [email protected] in the relationship, trust me,there notin 2big to deprive u of ya freedom not even greed should reduce u to [email protected] extent by the way who told you @18 or 19 you mature enough 4 dat insanity?pls.flee d guy and relationship so u dont end with”had i known”

  7. Dick were not meant for you butt men don’t realize how painful that is next time a man ask that question ask him can you stick something in his butt first so he’ll know exactly how it feels Me personally he’s not worth it if that’s all he wants

  8. Dick were not meant for you butt men don’t realize how painful that is next time a man ask that question ask him can you stick something in his butt first so he’ll know exactly how it feels Me personally he’s not worth it if that’s all he wants

  9. how many people asking you to stop it read it all then lean from their Good luck stop it

  10. Pls stop it is not of god ur body is the temple of god and u re sacrificing to the ? devil Pls stop it b4 it is too late

  11. My dear if truely he loves you he would quit, besides you are young for it there is no joy in what u are doing, save ur life and destiny,u should know that the more u engage in that ur glory is being reduced.May d Lord strengthen u.

  12. Your man is a gay!he could f..k his fellow man. That is the reason why he’s asking for anal sex. And you,i pity your life,in due time,you’ll start visiting the hospital for stitches of your anus. Continue fooling yourself to please him. Once you are no more, you will be replaced. Life continues.

  13. lol DAT guy drade o so d guy just 1 tear ur ass chai there,s God dear play safe u r mature enough

  14. how many of u accusing him are not doin same tin maybe now or before if u are not guilt throw d first stone

  15. Young girl, you need to understand that God frown seriously about that act you too are indulging in according 1 Corinthians 3:18-19, read it, and Romans 6:1 read it also and come completely from it, it’s a sin against God and your body which supposed to be his Holy temple. There’s still grace for you, please don’t destroy yourself. You can wait for the man who will respect your opinion and dignity only in marriage is approved that. Just stop it right the way, God will help you out if you determine now.

  16. u beta stop it for ur on seck and heath if keep asking again I advice u leave him good Dnt please ur man and destroy itself u re 2 young for dat.u have a beta future ahead.

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