The woman shared her story showing how she has been driven to despair by recurring sad events in her love life.
Below is what she has to say:
I’m a single woman in my 30’s and my problem is that I cannot find a man and I honestly have no idea why.
I’m very attractive and all my friends say I’m a nice person. On social media, most men gasp at my curvy shape and take time to ask how I can look so fine, but no one ever approaches me in real life.
I’m aware that you can meet a man at any time, not just when you’re out socially on Saturday nights, so I never step out of the house looking anything less than perfect.
I keep to my trim figure, dress nicely, well-groomed and, because I was aware I was being too choosy, I’ve tried hard to give men I don’t even fancy a chance.
But now men just don’t seem to find me attractive at all. I don’t get chatted up though I make sure that I look friendly and approachable when l’m out.
l’m at my wits’ end and honestly don’t know what else to do.
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