In December 2014, I met this beautiful woman while I was enjoying the xmas and new year festivals with my parents in Ibadan. She is schooling here but lives in Ogun state. I never thought we could go far, so I wanted to chop and clean mouth. I was serving at the time and I told her I was serving at Abuja instead of Kwara state. After my NYSC I told her I have settled down in Abuja instead of Oyo state. I have a well-paid job and live comfortably but everything is in Oyo state and not FCT.

I didn’t want her to know I am living nearby because I didn’t see a future with her at the time. She didn’t appear to me as a good girl when we met, I thought she was a runs girl but now I know I was wrong, she is even more innocent than me and she gets all I crave for in a lady. Well, I picked her up by the roadside but I didn’t get to sleep with her but we became friends and she still thinks I served, live and work in FCT.

We usually see when there is a festivity or holiday like easter, xmas etc. under the pretext that I came to celebrate with my parents. Anyways, I want to propose to her now. I don’t know how to tell her the truth because we are now in love and I do not want to lose her.

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