Beauty they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder but in some cases, the beholder knows that the beauty is completely absent in what he or she is beholding. Here are nine the advantages of being an ugly lady.


1. Possible chances of preserving virginity till marriage: The probability of this becoming a reality is about 60% because ugliness is not a determinant for keeping one’s virginity or abstaining from sex, but to an extent she will most likely lack the opportunity of getting laid.

2. Less promiscuous: When a lady is not pretty, there’s a high probability that she will have few number of toasters checking up on her both online and offline, therefore making her stay focused in her academics and other things, unlike beautiful ladies on campuses who are being swayed and distracted by the chases from their fellow students or lecturers, hence, making them lose focus in their academic pursuit.

3. High chances of finding true love: This is to say that any guy that asks her for a relationship must have seen beyond the physical appearance, and he is likely to love her, no matter what his friends says.


4. Rest of mind: In this case, the guy will be so relaxed and rest assured that no one is snooping or screwing his girlfriend.

5. Financial benefits: A beautiful girl’s financial demand is more likely to be turned down unlike that of an ugly girl. The mark is always hibernated behind the beauty, but even if an ugly girl is financially stable and she tells you the opposite, you’d believe cos the look itself is already poor.

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6. Less Spending: Most ugly babes are less concerned about her looks, unlike beautiful girls who are always conscious about their faces, skin colour, makeup and the rest. Some “un-pretty” girls even save more that beautiful girls. They’ve got plans of doing other things with money rather than spending it on their looks and perishable commodities. A beautiful girl can even go hungry just to keep the beauty on point.

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