No doubt we all want to keep ourselves warm this season. Some individuals are very shy when it comes to asking their spouse for sex, not to worry, here are eight simple ways to ask your partner for sex this season.

1. Touch your spouse on the stimulating areas to get them in the mood: nipples, neck, back.

2. Sleep naked together. The greater and easier the access, the more the sex.

3. Invite your spouse for a sensual, intimate dance. Salsa, slow dance, bump and grind. There is no way you two will be close to each other, body to body and not want to make love. This is why married people need to go out on dates more, go out and find intimacy. Find intimacy in dancing in the house too.

4. Ask for se x unapologetically. Tell your spouse without wasting time. Stop suffering alone in se xual fire. Sometimes all you have to do is to open your mouth and say: “My love, sex me, NOW!”

5.  Pose in a seductive way. Lay in bed in a sexy way. Ladies, deliberately bend in front of your man in a manner to suggest an invite.

6. Whisper naughty things into your spouse’s ear. There is something sexy about hearing and feeling your spouse breathing in a horny way.

7. Massage your spouse’s body. Touch and care arouses them.

8. Send your spouse naughty messages during the day saying what you will do to them. By the time you get home, you both will be in the mood.

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