No one likes to be taken for a fool or deceived, so often times, we seek information from others, we expect them to be truly honest with us.

So, how do you know if a person is not being truthful with you? These signs below should help you out.

Voice Changes: If this is someone you know very well, this could work. When you know ho a person normally talks (fast talker, calm talker etc) and the way he/she talks suddenly changes when you ask a question, chances are they are lying to you.

Fidgeting: This is usually a very common giveaway for liars. When a person lies, they are focusing on doing a lot of things at the same time i.e coming up with a story, trying to cover their lies, etc. So, to calm themselves, they begin to fidget. If you ask a person a question and you find out that they suddenly begin to do odd and needless things like play with their hair, nails, dusting off their clothes, etc, then they might be lying.

Unnecessary Proclamation: When a person suddenly begins to proclaim his/her honesty, or begin to swear on bibles, God, etc, this could be a sign they are lying. A liar’s main goal is to convince you that they are telling the truth, and if they think that swearing will help them achieve this, that is what they will do.

Too much information: Liars often have their lies rehearsed, and the believe, to convince you, they have to provide as much information as possible. They tend to give too many details and answers to questions you did not ask. For example, when you ask “Did you take the money from my purse?” they can begin to go on and on about how they spent their day, what they had for breakfast, etc, in the hopes that you will be convinced by their openness.

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Avoid eye contact: When a person is lying, it is very common for them to try and avoid eye contact with you. They begin to look at random things around the room, anything other than you.

Unblinking: On the flip side, most liars know that people look out for lack of eye contact, so they try to cover this up by looking dead at you. But because this is faked, they tend to do it without blinking.

Defensive: When you approach a liar with a question and they suddenly get defensive, it is a sign to watch for. Remember when you were younger and a person is accused of having a crush on someone else. As soon as the person begin to act defensive and yells their denial of feeling this way, others automatically assume that this is because they truly have those feelings. This also works with adults, we go on the attack when we are trying to hide something.

Acting Nervous: Some people are naturally nervous when trying to conceal the truth and this often shows as normal nervousness signs such as sweating, stammering, acting still, etc. So knowing someone well enough to know when they are acting out of character, will help you spot when they are lying to you.

Often times, you gut feelings and instinct can tell you all you need to know concerning whether or not a person is being dishonest, so it is important not to ignore this when trying to find out the truth about something.

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