There’s no kidding, we all have that special ex we wish to see come back into our lives. Things could have degenerated to an awful level and the relationship couldn’t survive the crisis.

On a lighter mode, we may want to see an ex come back for them to see how special we are and for them to realize how much of a fool they had been for letting go in the first instance. Some relationships deserve a play back; a chance for people to set things right and correct their wrongs. Break ups are good sometimes, it allows for clarity and moments of reflection. But while making so much efforts at getting an ex back, there are dos and don’ts of the game.

The following tips could help make you desirable to your ex again.

1. Don’t Severe Ties

This is one huge mistake that people make. They never want to have anything to do with that person at the moment they hurt the most. It may be good to stay away for a while to think things through and give the ex a chance to miss you and determine whether they want to stay with you. However, when one has gone past the pain, a reconnection should be made in the most subtle way; a way that don’t label you as being needy and unable to live without them.

2. The Sold Birthright Tale

Don’t because of your desperation at making your ex desire you and probably want you back do anything to please them at your own detriment. Don’t sell your integrity and allow an ex trample you. Doing this puts you in a compromising situation; you would never be taken serious and they would never be committed to you. You give them the impression you need them more than they need you and can’t live without them. Your affection and feelings would be taken for granted.

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3. Work On The Reason You Broke Up

If it was your fault you broke up, you should probably look into the things that caused the break up and try to eliminate them. Break ups just don’t happen, something trigger them. If things happened as planned, there’s the likelihood of another disaster happening; an impending break up. During the moment you are staying away from your ex, work on your attitude.

4. Never Talk Them Out Of A Relationship

If you have the chance to connect with an ex, try to tread with caution. At one point or the other, your ex would want to venture into a new relationship. This is their way of reacting to the pain of the break up. These relationships hardly work out. Don’t abuse your position here and try not to talk them out of it. Trying to warn them would only make them more determined to try out the new relationship in order to prove you wrong. These relationships they go into help them see and appreciate your qualities more.

5. Don’t Be A Pest

Trying desperately to connect with your ex via numerous calls, texts, and social media check-ups is a wrong move. This would infuriate your ex and make them resent you. When trying to get your ex back, come as a friend who is ready to start afresh and not pick things up from where you left them. You don’t come off as being needy this way.

6. Show Dependency

While you may do a routine check on your ex, avoid making them feel monitored. Move on with your life, find a purpose. Strive to achieve your set goals; everyone appreciates success. Your ex would be proud of you knowing you are breaking grounds and making a huge success in your chosen field.

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7. Exposure

It may be of great help to visit new places after a break up and experience life in a different way. This gives you the chance to improve your appearance by dressing smartly and making efforts to be attractive. Change your looks and try looking your best always. This is usually the first thing an ex notices upon seeing you after a break up.

The ability to conform with the above tips naturally fills you with confidence. Only then can you take bigger and bolder steps at asking your ex to come back.

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