All women are very different. So one woman’s flirty mannerisms might be another woman’s normal pattern of behavior. So what’s a guy to do? It turns out, most women give off signals that will give you the “I want you” vibe or the “I think we can be really good friends” vibe. This 7 subtle signs will help you distinguish which vibes you might be getting.

1. She comes to a date with a short skirt or a short gown.

2. She lays her head on your shoulders or laps. (This is a very popular sex trick!)

3. She tells you in your house she wants to sleep and you shouldn’t disturb.

4. She loses off some buttons on her shirt (she wants you to feel aroused and make a move).

5. She tells you to play a song and she starts dancing.

6. She gives you “the look” (pupils dilated, upper lids fully retracted, while the bottom lids push up).

7. And, finally, she isn’t on her phone.

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