One of the highest causes of divorce among married couples is infidelity. So what happens if you suddenly find yourself single again after your spouse had an affair that broke your marriage apart?

Being the person you once were before the problems started could be really hard. Picking pieces of your life could be one of the hardest but boldest move ever.

How do you move on and become productive again after you are back to where you started.

Inspired by Huffington Post, here are several ways you can move on after infidelity:

1. Face your reality: You need to come to terms with the fact that your marriage is over. Don’t be afraid to let go, it rids you of past worries.


2. Feel the pain: It’s an emotional wound, it would heal with time. Don’t wave aside the pain that comes with separation from someone you loved, it could backfire badly.

3. Take responsibility: You need to own your life back which means you are responsible for your own happiness. Learn more about what makes you happy and keep doing it.


 4. Find a good support system: It’s okay to express your emotions from anger to sadness. But do it around someone you trust. Be constructive in your expressions, don’t be ashamed to talk about the reasons your marriage crashed.

5. Let go of your anger: Forgiveness is one bold step to recovery. Everything happens in phases, soon it’ll be a memory.

6. Think of your future: Start by writing out and setting goals both short and long term for yourself. Make plans you’ll look forward to.

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