The simple equation for finding love is to be in a place where you can find others with the same goal.

Not everywhere is filled with people looking to find a serious relationship, so if you frequent the wrong locations, you will only end up meeting the wrong people.

1. Weddings: A wedding is a place that celebrates love. People who attend weddings do this simply to come and celebrate with a family/friend who has been able to find love and willing to proclaim this love to the world. There is a pretty good chance you might meet a serious-minded person looking to start a relationship here.

2. Religious institutions: This is the perfect place to find a friendship that can be transformed into a relationship. You meet a lot of people of your peers at your place of worship, it becomes natural to even strike a friendship with them and it is likely this friendship could grow.

The up side is that you already know they share the same religious values as you.

3. Internet: There is a lot of stigma attached to meeting people online, but we cannot ignore the fact that thousands of people, each for their own reasons, go online to look for love, so statistics are on your side. All you just need is to be able to sift the fakers from true people looking to find love and you just might find something real.

4. Chaste parties: Not all parties are avenues to find a lasting relationship. It is unlikely for love to bloom in the midst of a gathering fueled with alcohol and other vices. But a reasonable and responsible gathering of singles could be the perfect place for something beautiful to begin.

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5. Place for shared hobbies: Do you love to go watch sport matches, spend time at the cinema or the gym? Your hobby could be a really great way to meet others of the same interests. When meeting people at these places, you instantly have something in common to talk about and it becomes a place you can spend time with someone special without feeling pressured.

6. Hook-up: While this is not technically a place, it is a great way of meeting new people. A lot of times, we have people in our lives who know us better than we know ourselves, and we can always ask them to set us up with people they think we can blend well with.

There is a reason why arranged marriages were the norm years ago, and not all of them ended up terribly. This is because, when given the chance, a person who knows you could be objective enough to find someone you fit well with and would not be blinded by things like wealth and beauty (which could happen if you were the one looking.)

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