Unlike the women, most men take their time before they settle down. They enjoy living as bachelors with little or no restrictions.

They have total control of their lives as being single gives them the satisfaction of eating their cake and having it. Marriage changes everything; this knowledge makes men want to do certain things while preparing towards the time they say “I do”.

Here are some things most men would want to do before getting married.

Planning Ahead

Men find it easier to analyse and reflect on issues that may have long term effect on their lives when they are single. Not like being married robs one of every thinking nerves, it’s just better and safer to take major risk that may involve businesses and huge sum of money when single. Worrying over the safety of immediate family members may hold a man back from making decisions that may change his life around for good.

Financial Independence

As much as a man desires to bid bachelorhood goodbye, little or no money could be an inhibiting factor. Women by default are demanding, to keep the union functioning the man must make immense preparation towards marriage. Every man wants to have a sustainable business or job that would support the family he intends to raise. Without having a backup plan to fall on, a man may suspend plans of getting married till he attains stability in his finances.

Crave For Solitude

Every man desires his own space; a place where he could think and be completely at peace.  Living alone often help the men manage their affairs and learn how to do basic chores. They also learn to see their partners as helpers after marriage. It helps them understand the true meaning of companionship as they can make comparison between living alone and being married.

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Multiple Dating

Almost every man wants to explore and if possible date every girl within their reach before they get married. They love the feeling of having to choose amidst a wide range of girls. As a matter of fact, if men don’t explore enough before marriage, they may feel like they missed out on a major part of their lives. At the long run when they decide to get married, the satisfaction of having dated different types of women helps them stay focused enough to get through the initial stage of their marriage.

Reckless Adventure

While it may be okay to hang out and visit strip clubs as a single guy, it may be difficult to maintain the same level of social activity as a married man. Not like some wives mind though, but being married comes with overwhelming responsibilities that requires men to slow down with their recklessness. Many men would party hard and try to reach a social climax before they settle down.

Learning To Deal With Pain

Before a man settles down with his dream girl or situation-inflicted partner, it is important for him to learn how to deal with pain. Knowledge of pain brings with it an understanding; the ability to relate with someone suffering and comfort such person. This grooms men and make them better individuals.

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