Sleeping in the same room or bed with a snoring partner can be very challenging. You may pretend all is well initially, but truth is that as time goes on, you may begin to feel quite uneasy.

If you have found yourself in this dilemma, then you may want to agree that it is no funny situation at all. The vibration sounds which your partner causes at night can as well deprive you of a sound sleep.

Here are five time-tested tips that can help you cope really better with your snoring partner.

1. Check what your partner eats at night

Did you know that the type of food eaten, as well as the time it is being ate matters a lot in combating snoring?

If no one ever told you this before, then it would be a pleasure to have you know that late-night meals, alcohol, and muscle relaxants’ intake at night are some of those things that you must help your partner cut back on,  so as to  cub snoring. Help them eat early enough at night, and not late night.

2. Good ventilation.

A well ventilated room is also very essential for people that snores. Make efforts to position the fan to a position where it reaches your partner as this will help in reducing the struggles for breathing.

3. Enable him or her sleep on his/her side

It is a fact that people tend to snore less when they sleep on the side. This could even be more effective if they have to sleep at the edge of the bed, facing away from you. You could as well tap them and let them know how effective lying on their sides help reduce snoring.

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4. Sleep in a different room

Without a iota of doubt, there are times when all the steps that have been provided here doesn’t work. In this case, then you may consider sleeping in a separate rooms. If you worry that this might happen, then you may consider setting aside a special time for your partner in the evening, or even during the day.

5. See the problem differently

Remember we are talking about your partner here; and so you have got to handle this situation carefully. As such, try not to see the sound as the maddening noise of someone else. Since love is enduring, then do as much as lies within you to endure the sound. If you do this, sooner than you expect you may find that you are able to cope much more than before.

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