Men are very physical creatures and are usually moved by what they see. Due to this, it is often easy for some of them to see women mainly as s*xual objects available for their own pleasure.

Here are ways, as a woman, to avoid seeming this way;

1. Watch what you wear: How you dress reflects a lot on how everyone sees you, not just men. Dressing yourself in extremely revealing clothes will lead men to assume that s*x is all you have to offer. It will be difficult for them to see you as anything else.

2. Avoid the prostitute-character: By definition, a prostitute is a person who exchanges s*x for money. So if, every time you choose to be intimate with someone, you expect some financial rewards in return, it gives off the impression that you are having him pay for s*x.

Even if you do this with someone you are dating, he will only ever see you as someone he pays to have s*x with.

3. Know who you are: A man wants to be with a woman who challenges him, inspires him and makes him better. He will only respect a woman who knows what she is worth and not one who only exists to serve his s*xual needs. If that is all you are to him, he will, no doubt, only view you as a s*x object.

4. Careful with your social life: Being the kind of woman that frequents the reigning hotspots, bars and clubs would reflect negatively on you.

This does not mean these places are out of bounds for you, but try to spend more of your time in places that are a bit more conservative and improves your worth as a woman.

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5. Know when to say “No”: A woman who knows her boundaries and makes sure everyone around her knows it will certainly be respected. You do not need to experiment with everything and anything, especially in bed.

If there are things you are uncomfortable with, state this clearly and with determination. Do not be the girl that does it all as this will make a man feel that your body is all you have to offer.

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