Staying friends with an ex is a choice which should be left entirely to you to make and contrary to reports, it is possible to remain friends with an ex without any feelings involved.

Reaching out to them and saying a simple “hello” or “how are you” would make you feel a lot better than than you felt before and helps your personal growth.

Inspired by SheKnows, here are 5 reasons to be friends with your Ex

1. Your relationship skills are improved

It’s easy to move on and say ‘we can’t be friends anymore’, but deciding to be friends with them takes a lot of courage because your communication will no longer be on a romantic level anymore but with time it’ll get better.

2. You save mutual friends from choosing sides

This just explains itself, when couples break up their friends are forced to choose sides, choosing to stay friends relieves them of that stress.

3. There’ll be no need to feel awkward

Just think about running into them suddenly, the awkward moment . being friends means you get to spare yourselves that headache or thought.

4. To set good example for your kids

If you had a child with an ex, then it’s very important to remain with them because there’s a kid involved. They need to know that they don’t have to choose sides when it comes to choosing whom they love.

5. It could be a foundation for your next relationship

The fact you can maintain a good relationship with your ex says a good thing about your character. This means you are matured enough to handle any kind of relationship in future.

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