Is it just me or are some women just unlucky with men and relationships? What is it! Is it normal that at 27, I still haven’t been in a real relationship or met a guy that has shown interest in me? Occasionally, I get the shhhh and excuse me’ from motor park touts in bus stops but nothing serious. When I go out with my friends, they get approached by guys all the time, but not me. I have never even be offered a lift. I don’t think I’m ugly. I won finest face in my 100 level. I dress well, smile, makeup well, keep in shape and take care of myself so I don’t what the problem is? I had tons of guys flocking round me in Secondary School but all these changed when I was ready to date.

I just finished law school and it is beginning to seem like NYSC will be my last chance for actual socialization as the chances of you meeting a partner gets slimmer when the 9-5 life comes.  I just don’t get it. How long will this last?  The people around me are already putting pressure on me. You know in Africa there is no such thing as mind your business.

I would like to marry an Igbo guy or a foreigner as I don’t want anyone to waste my time. Sadly, all the guys I’ve been interested in don’t seem to know I exist or they are taken. Do I start asking guys out?

I don’t know what to do and I have prayed and fasted silently for this.  For women who ended up as spinsters, what led to that? What mistakes did they make because I do not want such to befall me.

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2 thoughts on “HELP: I am 27 years old and no man has ever asked me out”

  1. Truely! relationship has became a very big threat to me base on my previous experience, I’ve been avoiding getting into 1 maybe u could be the very one I’ve been longing to spend my time with…

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