Women are so unique and have got more layers than an onion. It would take forever to unravel women.

Women, no matter how truthful and honest they want to be, they tell little white lies and half-truths sometimes, just for the sake of peace.

It would be difficult to find that woman who doesn’t tell half-truths. Most of the time, these lies are just to make the other person happy and it sometimes makes things easier.

From lying about the price of their dress, to pretending to be okay, women have their own fair share of ‘innocent’ lies.

There are plenty of lies women tell and the earlier you know them, the better. So, what are some of these lies? Let’s check them out below.

1. I’ll be ready in a minute: This has to be one of the most common lines women use. When a woman tells you she will be ready in a minute, just take a seat and relax because it’s going to go from a minute to an hour. It’s not her fault that she has to look perfect and there’s always something that needs to be done for that perfect look.

2. It’s not about the money: A lot of women would tell you I’m not interested in your money, it’s not about the money, and I’d rather marry for love and all that. Just wait till you are broke and there’s no money, then you would know that it was about the money. While a lot of women would not chose their partners based on their income, they still want more than your love as love would not put food on the table. Besides lack of money is no fun at all, especially if it prevents you from doing and getting the things you want in life.

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3. I’m fine: This is has to be the most popular white lie ladies tell. Almost every lady must have told this lie at one point or the other. She says she’s fine when she really isn’t. She acts like she’s fine but deep down she’s boiling and just wants to blow up. Women are emotional beings and sometimes get moody. It’s up to you to figure out what’s wrong.

4. I’m on my period: When she’s not in the mood, this is one of the lies that come in handy, after all he won’t be so silly as to want to confirm whether you are telling the truth or not, so he takes you for your word.

5. I Have a headache: This is another lie women use to avoid doing certain things. After a busy day, all you want to do is go to bed and then he comes with his needs but you’re tired and really not in the mood. You can’t just turn him down without a reason. So, you tell a little white lie just to get him to back off.

6. I was only joking: She uses this line when she has said something mean or annoying and she’s now trying to make amends. She actually meant what she said but seeing its hurting you and you’re getting angry, she tries to pacify you by saying, she was just joking. If you know your partner is doesn’t respond well to criticism, try to keep your jokes light.

7. I don’t know: When a lady says she doesn’t know it’s either she really doesn’t know or she doesn’t want to tell you. Most of the time, she knows and doesn’t want you to know she knows.

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8. Give me your number, I will call you: When you ask a lady for her number and she asks for yours instead, just forget it. Sometimes they ask for your card and when you leave they trash it. Most women would never call you, they are only trying to be nice to you by asking for your number.

9. There’s someone else: There are girls out there that aren’t afraid to let you down, but a lot of girls don’t want to hurt your feelings when staring you right in the face. If she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by letting you know she doesn’t like you, she’d make you believe she’s in a relationship with someone else so you just stop bothering her.

10. I’m not the jealous type: Some women will say they are not the jealous type but wait till she catches you checking out another woman or flicking through a dirty magazine, but the reality is often quite different. It’s only human to get jealous so if she’s telling you she doesn’t get jealous, and you believe her, you’re just being delusional.

11. He’s nobody / just a friend: That nobody might just be an ex-boyfriend who she doesn’t want to talk about. Or he might be one of those friends with benefits.

12. I promise not to get mad: If she wants to find out something from you, she might just lie that she won’t get mad so you tell her. When you do, all hell breaks loose, the promise is forgotten and she unleashes her fury.

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13. That was awesome: Almost every woman must have lied about their bedroom experience, be it faking orgasm or complimenting her man even when he didn’t perform well. It is also quite common for a woman to pretend a man is the best that she’s ever had, just to boost his ego.

14. Size doesn’t matter: Some ladies go on and on about how size doesn’t matter but when they hook up with their female friends they keep complaining about how they hate small size. Apparently those who say size don’t matter have nothing to compare it with. If size matters to men, what makes you think it won’t matter to women too?

15. I didn’t get your message, my phone is acting up: It’s either she’s no longer interested in the relationship or she wants a new phone.

This is not to say that when a woman says these, she’s lying all the time. Sometimes, she really means what she’s saying.

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