It should be known that marriage is no joke. It goes beyond the glamour of putting up grand weddings and having pictures splashed across every social platform or making headlines on celebrity gossip.

And as beautiful as it looks, there are certain elements that are needed to make it work.

It’s quite understandable that everyone has their differences, but the success of a marriage depends on the amount of effort and energy the concerned persons are ready to put in.

Below are tips on habits that could turn men off and make a marriage/relationship scramble.

Poor Home Keeping Skills

Every man wants a clean home to go back to at the end of the day. He wants a woman that could take care of the house, make decent meals and handle the affairs of the house in his absence. A woman’s inability to do these things wears the man out and eventually makes the relationship sour.


Men by default are naturally proud. A woman who constantly rubs off her man’s ego is brewing resentment from him. A woman who lashes her man with words is indirectly turning him against her. He starts to despise her; when she complains about the slightest thing it would irritate him and get on his nerves. Many men want supportive and understanding spouses that would raise them with words of encouragement when they feel low.

Being Compared To Others

Men hate being compared to other men around for one reason or the other. It’s a total turn off for them when their partners compare them to exes. They dislike it when they are being constantly reminded that they could have been something they aren’t yet. It reduces their self-esteem and if not checked quickly could push them into the company of someone who makes them feel good about themselves.

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Reckless Spending

Most men do not appreciate frivolous spending attitudes from their partners. It becomes a point of concern to them when their partners can’t spend within their means. Some women are simply inconsiderate; they do not prioritise the needs of the house. Men want women that could help them manage what they have. It would turn them off when they discover their partners are extravagant.

Frantic Tantrums

It’s a total turn off for men when women throw tantrums over irrelevant or insignificant issues. Men do not like it when women are too dramatic and get angry over little things. It wears them off trying to calm them down. If this goes on for a while, the men start to get less concerned and ignore them.


Men find it quite annoying when women keep tabs on them by monitoring their movement and keeping track of the calls they receive or make. Being monitored via texts and calls turn them off. While the women could feel they are doting on them, it should be done with caution so as to allow them breathe. They need their privacy too.


Most men feel cool when they know their partners are jealous. This however becomes an issue when the jealousy goes off board and they can’t socialise or hang out with their friends without their partners assuming side chics are involved.


It definitely turns men off when they know their partners are over involved in other people’s activities. They know everyone’s story and are quick to share their latest discovery. Men feel unsafe and may start to wonder if their secrets are safe with the women too.

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Unending contact with ex

Men are put off when their partners can’t stop talking about some lover or ex. It even becomes more annoying when they wouldn’t break off contacts with these people or talk to them endlessly on phone or chats. The men feel it’s totally disrespectful.

Lovemaking Routine

Men do not like being placed on some schedule before they could make love to their partners. It turns them off every time the women bring up excuses in bed. It kills the passion gradually and make them lose interest in the relationship.

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